Drive low, Park lower

Mika's Audi A4 drives low and parks even lower. This showstopper packs a custom diamond stitched leather interior, and thanks to its air suspension, the car rests on its beams while the 20 inch Vossen rims dwell deep in the archs of German metal.


Mika Hermaala bought this A4 a few months before he got his license. He spent the winter looking at BMWs and Audis, and after a series of fortunate events he decided to pick up this A4 with a 3.0TDI engine. The car was bone stock and packed with barely sufficient accessories, as is usual in this backwoods country, but the most disturbing things were ride height, wheels and cloth seats. This car is a good example of how to do a showcar with just a few carefully planned changes.


The original seats were hideous looking and a constant subject of ridicule amongst friends. At some point there was a final straw, and Mika ripped the interior apart just before starting his duty in the army. The first two weeks in the service he spent thinking about the seats, and what they should be like. The interior was then shipped to a company in Espoo, who did the upholstery in BMW Dakota leather. The midsections of the seats received a diamond stitching, which not only reinforces the midsection, but also prevents stretching and wrinkling superbly.


The suspension has gone through many phases of modifications, but it has been very low almost since the beginning of this story about the entwinement of a man and a car. Mika was visiting Wörthersee, the Mecca of VAG folk, and saw a lot of low Audis. After that it was obvious that the stock ride height was not an option anymore. At first the lowered state was achieved with the usual methods, but an unpleasant confrontation with the law occured. After a noticeable ticket and some chit chat about illegal suspension modifications, Mika had to do some replanning. Enter: air suspension. To clarify to our foreign readers, Finnish government is very strict about the modifications you can do to your car.


The car was practically reborn when the upholstered interior parts were installed. The car is used daily, so even though the car is showroom worthy it needs to be functional. The controller for the air suspension has its own dedicated throne in the cupholder area, so changing the ride height is about moving your hand from the gear stick about 20cm and pressing a button or two. The interior has a lot of small details, such as the custom German made floor mats and S4 pedal covers. A sight for sore eyes, since the stock A4 ”Finnish depression edition” is very bland.


The suspension is built with Hp Drivetech airbags that sit on shortened Bilstein shocks. The two compressors seen here are Air Zenith OB2. Valves are manufactured by AirLift, and the mastermind controlling all this is AirLift Autopilot V2. There are two tanks, both containing five gallons of precious air, which have been powder coated in candy red the give them that professional look. According to Mika, this suspension setup is the best he has experienced on an A4. Even when low it is very robust without being uncomfortable, which suits his purposes perfectly.


Since this Audi rolls very low, tires are consumed at a hastened rate. Even at casual ride height the camber is under -3 degrees. Mika likes to ride into the sunset with the car's belly barely scraping the asphalt, so the suspension parts are under a lot of stress constantly. The lowered look with 20's looks mean, nevertheless. Add to that a S4 bumber and a S4 mask, some side skirts and carbon mirror covers, and you've got a whole new animal. To match the vicious impression the A4 had an ECU reflash that upped the powerband with 50 hp and 120Nms. The total is now 290 hp and 620Nm, which is enough to get you in trouble with the law. Story goes, this has been proven to be true.



Custom ECU map by Mika Karala, R8 decorative caps


Hp Drivetech shock absorbers and airbags, Airlift Autopilot V2 -controller, Airlift-valves, 2 x Air zenith OB2 compressors, 2 x 5 gallon tanks


Vossen CV4 9x20”, Falken FK452 235/30/20”


Audi S4 front bumber, B8 S4 mask, S-line side skirts, tinted glasses, carbon fiber mirror covers, yellow fog lights


Audi Sport seats upholstered with BMW Dakota leather and diamond stitchings, leather upholstered door cards, black roof upholstery, black trunk upholstery, S4 pedal covers, carbon fiber panel for air suspension controller, custom floor mats with silver stitchings, mood lighting in footwell, air tanks painted in candy red


Audi Sound System


Stock 240 hp and 500Nm, now 290 hp and 620Nm


Facelift (RS4 bumber), brakes and new rims


Teemu Neulanen, Lasse Aunala, Markus Karlstedt, Santtu Kilpinen, Riina Neulanen, Korhos Ipe, brother, Rene, Hp Drivetech Werner, and everyone involved in the project