FAT LIP BUNNY - Nissan Skyline R32 4-door 1992

This Skyline is a true shapeshifter: every summer it emerges from its cocoon looking totally different than previously. We've lost count of which incarnation this is, but it doesn't even matter. This current form is astounding, to say the least, and when describing it we find ourselves using only superlatives.

Aki Härmä bought this Nissan Skyline four years ago, and spent the first winter upgrading everything mechanical and fixing minor problems. The engine was lifted from the engine bay and basic tunes were made. A Holset turbocharger was installed with a new header set, injectors were changed to adequate ones and some basic maintanance was done. The turbo creates about 1.5 bars of boost, and the always so accurate butt dyno prints out results of about 400 horsies, which is confirmed by eagerly spinning tires. The engine has been left alone after the initial tuning four years ago. Due to a faulty oil pump some turbos had to be replaced, but other than that it's been quite a foolproof contraption.
The car was equipped bith BN Sport body kit when it arrived to Aki, and it has been with him all this time. Only the bumper has had to be fixed a few times, since a low static suspension with 3cm of ground clearance and Finnish roads are not a match made in heaven. The idea to install Rocket Bunny parts came when Aki visited a friend, who has a Rocket Bunny bodykit in his S13 200SX. The paint is Audi's basic white, which is a nice base for those dark stickers.
Weds Kränze Cerberus 2 is a three-piece wheel, that are quite manly even in stock form. Aki, however, ordered even wider lips for these wheels, and they are now 14” wide in the rear with -50ET, which is enough to fill these insanely wide arches. 275/35/18 tires were ordered after finding out that even 265mm tire is just too narrow for these wheels. Even the 275 was a struggle, but with 5 bars of air pressure and wheel glue they are hanging in there just fine. In the front the wheels are ”only” 12 inches wide, so 225/40 was a good fit there, and has the the same amount of stretch and visual oomph.
The car was first widened by 35mm in the rear, and the Rocket Bunny fenders widen it a little more. The Rocket Bunny styled rear diffuser is a DIY project that was made using aluminium sheets and black tape. Originally Aki wasn't going to install a spoiler of any kind, but when he saw this 6666 Customs rear wing, he was sold. Aki used cardboard to model the insanely long stantions, and after he was contented with his model, it was then replicated in metal form. The bumper was no longer needed, in a true BenSopra fashion, so it was thrown to the wolves. Or put on a shelf, I can't recall.
The interior was stripped to match the rawness of the exterior, and it was then painted in flamboyant yellow. The dashboard was flocked for your viewing pleasure, and all the useless buttons and vents were removed. All the sound deadening, bitumen and fabric has been removed also, so the car really looks like a drifter from the inside. Although, this drifter has rear seats: FK bucket seats with 4-point seat belts keep those kids in place when you're late from kindergarten.
The car is not a show princess, and it's driven a lot in the streets and to car exhibitions, so naturally it's fully road legal even though it looks like some sort of weapon. Even so, the local authorities are always interested in this car, but that's no surprise, since it does catch your eye. Especially the tire-wheel combination is something that makes you look thrice, and for some reason people want to put their fingers between the wheel and the tire. Aki is hopeful that the Skyline can keep it's current form for a while. This is very possible, since he already has a new project: a S13 240SX Convertible, which is bound to be something stunning yet again.



Nissan Skyline R32 4-door


RB20DET, Holset HX35 (1.5bar), 60mm external wastegate, 3” exhaust, screamer pipe, Z32 MAF, Walbro fuel pump, front mount intercooler, modified inlet manifold, 444cc injectors, GT-R oil pump, Cometic gaskets, ACL bearings, iridium spark plugs, oil cooler and filter relocation kit, polished head, GReddy Profec B-Spec 2 boost controller, Bee-R rev limiter, HKS turbotimer


OCR clutch, short shifter


Tein coilovers, adjustable tension rods in the front, adjustable lower control arm in the front, increased steering lock, camber arms in the rear, adjustable caster arms in the rear, subframe locking collars


Weds Kränze Cerberus 2, front 12x18" ET47, rear 14x18" ET-50


225/40/18 in the front, 275/35/18 in the rear


BN Sport front bumper, BN sport sideskirts, +35mm rear sides, Rocket Bunny V2 fenders, Rocket Bunny -style diffuser, FRP hood, D-Max roof spoiler, Ganador mirrors, carbon/glass fiber trunk lid, canards, BGW (spoiler) with DIY stantions


HKB D1 Spec steering wheel with snap off wheel boss, Recaro Profi SPG seats and 6-point seat belts in the front, reupholstered FK bucket seats and 4-point seat belts in the rear, Cusco roll cage, Autogauge gauges (oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, boost), Trust Grex gear knob, Cusco Drift Knob, flocked dashboard, removed all soundproofing, upholstery and bitumen, repaint


Stock 212hp and 265Nm


Hopefully nothing large


Heli and Miska, mom, Pauli Rusanen, Jaape, Tomi Huotari, Juuso Ryytty, Reko, Teppo ”MrMahong” Näyhä, Markus Pyy, Jyrki Määttä, WND solutions, Imagon, Rengashuolto Karjalainen, Raappanamäen travoltat