HARDCORE HURACAN - Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 Liberty Walk 2016

Lamborghini Huracan was released from its bullpen in 2014, replacing the famous and well-loved Gallardo in the line up. This particular Huracan however is a bit wilder than stock, as is its owner. The owner, adult entertainment star Lexy Roxx, is also famous and well-loved, and has a taste for fast cars that look like they're about to tear you a new one. Thus she built the first Liberty Walk Huracan in Europe.

Lexy is a known car fanatic from Germany, who has become famous for her career in adult entertainment business. Her previous project was a red C63 AMG Mercedes, which was just astonishing with its wide body, custom wheels and air suspension. Lexy is a great fan of Liberty Walk, but since they had nothing to offer for the Mercedes, she had to think of something else. After finishing her journey with the Merc, Lexy also had a widebody MKII Golf, which was shown to the public in Essen Motorshow.
The 25-year old redhead was visiting the 2015 SEMA Show where she saw a red LB Huracan. After that it was clear that she just had to have one. She ordered the Liberty Walk bodykit and all kinds of parts before she had even found the car itself, which is quite common amongst car nuts. Finding the perfect car was a little harder than usual, since it happened to be a Lamborghini, which you apparently can't just buy from your friendly dealer next door. Lexy lucked out eventually, and found a grey Huracan in Frankfurt. The metal grey fit perfectly in her plans to create a grim-looking car, with black and carbon details.
The first mod done on the car was to swap the loud stock exhaust to a really loud FiberDynamix exhaust. After the car was driven for a total of 81 kilometers, Lexy decided it was time to execute the widebody conversion, and grinded the fender off her car. There's also a video of this surgery on her Youtube channel. The actual installation of the bodykit was done by Marcus Prösch and his team (a company called Dumped). The Liberty Walk bodykit consists of wider fenders, a carbon fiber front spoiler and carbon fiber sideskirt extensions. The rear spoiler is made by Luxury Customs.
The futuristic interior was left intact, since it suits the exterior on stock form pretty well. And let's face it; with 650 horsepower grinding the asphalt you won't have too much time to complain about floor mat materials or what scent the Wunderbaum is.
You really can't find ready air suspension kits for these cars, so it had to be created from scratch. This task too was given to the guys at Dumped. Since the car is really hard to work on, and the fitments are really tight, every part had to be designed meticulously. The air suspension is a HP Drivetech kit built into Bilstein's Clubsport coilovers, accompanied by Accuair's four-circuit E-Level controller and a VU4 valve package. The two Viair compressors and the 11 liter tank are hiding in the front storage compartment. The whole thing can be controlled remotely with Accuair's own E-Level mobile application, if need be. When the bags are empty, the car really doesn't have any ground clearance, but looks more like an evil spatula.
The R3 Wheels are designed in co-operation with Lexy herself. She gave her ideas and wishes to the wheel manufacturer, who then fabricated these jewels of car porn. The three-piece wheels are measured to fit perfectly with the LB bodykit, and are sided at 9x20” ET-2 in the front and 12.5x20” ET-25 in the rear. In other words: massive. Even though the rear Continentals are 305mm wide, they don't overpower the look, but look rather civilized. This might be due to the rear massive rear fenders that block the sun. Fits the dark theme, though.



Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 Liberty Walk 2016


5.2L V10




HP Drivetech air suspension built into Bilstein Clubsport coilovers, Accuair E-Level controller, VU4 valve package, 11 liter tank, 2x Viair compressors in the front storage area, Accuair E-Level application for a smartphone


Stock 6-pistons in the front and stock 4-pistons in the rear


R3 wheels, 9x20” ET-2 in the front and 12.5x20” ET-25 in the rear


Continental 245/30/20” in the front and 305/30/20” in the rear


Liberty Walk widebody bodykit, carbon fiber front spoiler, carbon fiber side skirt extensions, Luxury Customs rear spoiler, FiberDynaMix exhaust






650hp (stock 610hp and 560Nm)


A lot of kilometers