IN BORROWED FEATHERS - Audi A5 Coupé 3.0TDi Quattro 2010

Built with impeccable taste and flawless craftmanship, this RS5-looker nears perfection. This coupé built by Eero Kallioniemi is not all show either, since it has grunt enough to challenge its role model: 357hp and 828Nm.

The story of this Audi begun in 2013, when Eero had to change his 400hp Evo IX to something a bit more sensible, since his job required him to drive a lot. The decision was made between a BMW E92 335d and an Audi A5 coupé. Audi won this race because of its four-wheel drive and better looks. Suitable individuals were rare in Finland, so Eero asked Salon Autoagentti to hunt him a suitable car from Germany. After a few weeks an Estoril Blau coloured beauty was found with pretty much all necessary accessories, with a 3.0TDi V6 under the bonnet.
The car wasn't stock when bought: it had an ABT Power S performance package, which includes a hybrid turbocharger and an ECU reprogramming. Accompanied by 9x20” Speedline alloys Eero happily cruised around for a whole summer's worth, until he got bored of the S-Line's stock suspension and swapped the springs to H&R's lowering springs. These springs saw only few months of use, until they were replaced with BC Racing's BR coilovers. A few different setups of struts and springs were tested before the stance was to Eero's liking. The OEM suspension, aka. Audi Drive Select was disabled using K&W's module.
The brakes were first upgraded with S5's calipers and drilled rotors, since the 3.0 diesel doesn't have notable braking power in stock form. The front calipers were soon swapped to R8's calipers and Zimmermann's 365mm discs, that are also found in a C5 RS6. The calipers were painted with Estoril Blau to match the body, and it really does give a nice touch. Since the calipers are huge, the wheels need some size too: the Work Zeast ST two-piece wheels are 10.5x20” semi concaves in the front, and 11.5x20” deep concaves in the rear. The tire size is not girly either, with 255/30 and 295/25 Falken FK453s filling the arches with beautiful precision.
Since the beginning Eero had plans to make some changes to the exterior, and the RS5 theme was to his liking. The front bumper has been replaced with a RS5 replica bumper, accompanied by a RS5 front grille and air vents. The tow hook cover has been filled for a cleaner look. In the rear you'll find a genuine RS5 bumper, that was found used on eBay. He accidentally bought a bumper meant for the facelift model, which meant that Eero just had to buy the facelift LED tail lights also. What a shame. The original side S-Line side skirts have been replaced with ones that fit with the rear bumper better. Since the RS5 rear bumper is wider than the A5's bumper, the rear fenders had to be widened a little. After all the body parts were fitted, the car was debadged, and prepped for painting. The Estoril Blau paint was ordered from Audi, but there had been some kind of a hiccup somewhere, since the paint that Eero's car was coated with was a lot lighter than it should be. Even if he would've liked the real Estoril Blau better, this current colour is unique and simply stunning.
Eero was used to powerful cars, so the car seemed quite lazy, even if it had 310hp and 610Nm after the ABT treatment. He ordered a bigger intercooler from Darkside Developments and replaced the air filter with a Pipercross. Lakesteel manufactured a custom 3” turbo-back stainless steel exhaust with a single muffler, and the DPF was removed. The aural experience is quite exquisite for a diesel, and most people don't even believe it's not a petrol car. With Bosch 044 fuel pump providing necessary stuff to the engine, the car was then programmed by Powerbyte. The dyno results were quite pleasing, with 357hp and 828Nm, with the car pulling nicely through the powerband.
The interior has been left stock, with a few exceptions: the interior lights have been swapped to LEDs, and a JHM short shifter has been installed. The A5 and Eero parted ways during last winter, when their relationship reached the point where everything worth doing had been done and the car was finished. But fear not, since Eero has not surrendered to the evil delights of idle hands, as he has a Audi TT RS sitting in the garage, waiting for its turn to be turned into something ravishing and savage.



Audi A5 Coupé 3.0TDi Quattro 2010


ABT hybrid turbo, Darkside Developments intercooler, Lakesteel 3” stainless steel exhaust, DPF removed, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Pipercross intake, Powerbyte programming


6-speed manual, JHM short shifter


BC Racing BR coilovers


R8 8-piston front calipers with 365mm discs, S5 rear calipers with 330mm discs, HEL stainless steel braided brake lines, calipers painted to match the body


Work Zeast ST2 20x10.5” in the front, 20x11.5” in the rear, Imperial Gold coloured with shiny lips


Falken FK453 255/30 in the front and 295/25 in the rear


RS5 front bumper, RS5 front grille with black frames, RS5 facelift rear bumper, rear fenders have been widened to match with the rear bumper, black exhaust tips, Audi's OEM side skirts, facelift model's LED tail lights, rear diffuser painted black, debadged, window sills are wrapped with black vinyl, tinted glasses, ”custom” pearl effect blue paint


Original S-Line interior, S5 pedal covers, Bang & Olufsen sound system, JL Audio 10” subwoofer


357hp and 828Nm (stock 240hp and 500Nm)


Car has been sold, an Audi TT RS is waiting in the garage for its turn


Powerbyte, JT-Carfix, Lahden Työkalumakasiini, Driftworks, Lakesteel, AMK-automaalaus, JL autohoito, Salon autoagent, Markart, Func Crew, CDLC, Jape, Vikke, Samppa, Kalle H, Toni P, folks at home, Kea