In the distant past, in the year 2008, Shaun Lewis from Manchester bought this T5 Transporter to support his motorcross hobby. After many years of constant development motorcross has been left out of the equation, and all is left is a show car that has a magnetlike attraction to trophies.

At first glance one might think that the modifications are subtle at best. Upon further inspection you'll notice, that this Pornstarter has a total facelift swap in the front end. Rear side windows were not a stock option, so Shaun made them himself. Not so subtle then, but yet not extravagant.
The ride height is 16cm lower than stock, thanks to some serious suspension modification. AirREX T5 air suspension works like a charm and looks fantastic. Bushings are made by PowerFlex, and they do drastic things to drivability.
Rotiform wheels do a good job hiding some massive brakes. Brake calipers and discs have ween swapped to stop this behemoth. A splendid idea, since the engine has been modified to produce 170hp, which is almost twice the original amount (88hp). This has been achieved with a new intercooler, a new turbo, a new intake manifold and some serious software tweaking. So yeah, the brakes are not an overkill, especially when Shaun plans to spice things up more.
The front seats were taken from an Audi A5, and they were upholstered to match the them of leathery black and red. The roof lining in the back was made of alcantara, and some led lights were mounted on it.
Alcantara was used in the dashboard and on parts of the door cards as well, but otherwise leather was the recurring choice of material. The center console got a facelift as well, and is now upgraded to a T5.1 form. The steering wheel is from a 2013 VW Beetle.
Passengers have been taken good care of, especially now that they can see out of the van. Cannons Forge pull out bed functions as rear seats and a bed. Under that there are two subs and a sturdy amp, that give you that nice low frequency massage your back needs from carrying all the trophies and such. Is this car ready? Nope. As I'm writing this Shaun is already fitting a new gearbox in place, and there will be some notable performance modifications also.



Garrett GT1749VC hybrid turbocharger, Forge intercooler, PD130 intake manifold, EGR removed


Stock 5-speed manual (6-speed is on the list of future upgrades), G60 flywheel, Sachs clutch and pressure plate


AirREX T5 air suspension, custome upper and lower ends (front and rear), front bags modified for 3/8” airlines, Gaz custom coil struts in the rear, Airlift V2 controller, Air Zenith OB2 double compressor, PowerFlex bushings, powder coated strut braces, Trabistyle hose clamps


Forge six piston front calipers with 356mm discs, Rayland Racing 335mm rear discs with Wilwood/AP Racing calipers, steel braided hoses front and rear


Rotiform FUC 10x20” (front) and 10.5x20” (rear), 17” spare wheel with a 45mm spacer (so that it fits over the brake discs)




Repainted, T5.1 Caravelle facelift front bumber, headlights, front grille, hood, front fenders, rear bumber, side mirrors, new factory tinted windows (50%), sides have been cut up and windows were installed, front splitter is an eBay special


Audi A5 front seats reupholstered, Cannons Forge Rock n Roll pull out bed, dashboard and other bits were upholstered with alcantara, door cards partially upholstered with alcantara, 2013 VW Beetle steering wheel, T5.1 center console, VW Caravelle black floor covers, alcantara roof at the rear, a ton of Skinz noise dampening mat,


Kenwood DNX521 DAB, Hertz HE4 amplifier powering up ESK165 and ECX690 speakers, Hertz HE1D for two ES200.5 subs, 24” LG LED Smart TV for the rear passengers

170hp and 300Nm (stock 88hp and 200Nm)


More power and more gears


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