Ari Vuorela doesn't have time to get bored with a single car, nor has he time to particularly enjoy driving his projects. He's built a bunch of unique cars that all have dazzling colors and high quality performance parts, and they seem to get ripped out of his hands when ready. Now it was time to build something that makes people go green with envy.

Ari has helped a lot of people with their projects, and his own garage has given birth to many awesome projects that have all been heavily modified. His widely known nickname (”Arskan tehdas”) translates roughly as ”factory of Ari”: a factory where every problem is an invitation to excel. His previous project was a phenomenal Nissan R32 GT-R, which was bought from him like a peasant's daughter is bought to be a nobleman's wife: not much of a choice when the pricetag is high enough. Long story short, he found this awesome JDM Nissan S14 online. It was built as a track car in Japan, and had a massive list of tuning parts. Alas, the car was sold before he could throw his Skyline-money far enough. After a while the car was on sale again, but there was someone faster this time too. After a while one of Ari's friends wanted to show off his new drifter, and it just happened to be this S14. Furious with fate mocking his life, Ari took a stack of bills with him and made his friend an offer one can't refuse, and suddenly Ari was the owner of this savage S14.
Ari started this project with dismantling the interior, or what was left of it. Since the car was built for track, it was pretty much stripped naked, so Ari had to buy the whole interior from another S14, with the exception of the dashboard. Ari always uses a distinct colouring in his cars, and this one is no exception with it's glow in the dark -steering wheel and powder coated roll cage. The car also has keyless entry and ignition, which is a pretty posh feature for a 22-year old Nissan.
The suspension was pretty good already, thanks to this S14's japanese tuners, so Ari just set the suspension in street settings. The Rota wheels were previously on his GT-R, and they were powdercoated in flashy orange. With spacers and some camber adjustments these wide wheels (9.5” and 10”) sit perfectly in this mean, wide machine.
The engine bay might give the impression that the car has never been used, even though it's gotten it's share of hard driving. Every part has been dismantled, checked, cleaned, and painted or renewed when necessary. The parts in the engine bay are pretty much all from famous tuning companies, and are known for their reliability and good performance. The spec sheet is mighty impressive, and might make many a man green with envy. 420hp and 550Nm, by the way.
Cars like when they are driven hard, says the man himself. During his test drives some weaker links in the chain have given up, such as the propeller shaft, which shat on itself. As usual, Ari just saw this as an opportunity to make the car even better, and so an even stronger shaft was installed. After that a driveshaft and the LSD have blown apart, but they also were replaced with better, stronger parts. After that no fuse has blown, and the car works like a dream. Since these pictures were taken a whole lot of parts have changed, and a lot of sweet parts still need installing. The car is pretty much ready though, and on this summer Ari can finally enjoy the fruits of his labour. Unless someone buys this S14 off his hands, as seems to be the recurring theme.



Nissan Silvia S14 1994


A´PEXi Power FC ECU and FC Commander, CP pistons, Eagle conrods with ARP bolts, ACL bearings, ARP head bolts, Cometic gaskets, N1 oil pump with newer model oil funnel, N1 water pump, GReddy oil pan, Tomei rocker arm stoppers, Tomei solid pivot lifter set, Tomei timing chain kit, slightly grinded camshafts, Toda Racing adjustable cam gears, VAG coil set, DIY exhaust manifold, Holsety HY35 with a bigger turbine housing, 3.5” downpipe, 60mm HKS wastegate with a screamer pipe, Kakimoto Racing stainless steel exhaust, GReddy intake manifold, 63mm throttle body, Nismo 740cc injectors, Sard fuel pressure adjustor and gauge, HKS mushroom filter, Walbro fuel pump, HKS oil filter, GReddy oil cooler, Toyo intercooler, a huge radiator with twin fans, SAMCO silicone hose kit, HKS grounding kit, HKS oil cap, HKS radiator cap, Cusco battery tie down, Optima Yellotop 38ah


Grip 5.5kg flywheel, Grip 6-puck sprung sintered clutch disc, Grip thrust bearing, Clutch Masters pressure plate, N1 clutch master cylinder, N1 clutch slave cylinder, short ratio gearbox (a mixture of S13 and S14), strengthened propeller shaft with stronger bolts, 100% LSD (made from a EU model S14A)


D2 adjustable coilovers with uniball upper mounts, GReddy strut brace, GReddy sway bars, adjustable camber/caster arms in the rear, adjustable caster arms in the front with D2 camber plates, Circuit Sports tie rod kit


R33 GT-R 4-piston Brembos front and rear, 324mm discs in the front, EBC brake discs


Rota GTR-D 9.5x18” ET +10 in the front, 10x18” ET+5 in the rear


215/35/18” in the front, 245/35/18” in the rear


Uras Type-GT front bumper, FRP hood, D-Max front fenders, D-Max side skirts, D-Max rear bumper, J-Style rood spoiler, Rocket Bunny rear spoiler, LED tail light kit, kouki model projector headlights with 30000k xenons (green), crystal front parking lights, bright front and side blinkers


Entirely keyless entry and ignition with alarm, Recaro bucket seats, Cusco 6-point bolt-in roll cage, Momo steering wheel quick release, NRG Neochrome glow-in-the-dark drift steering wheel, Japandyno shift knob, B&M short shift kit, carbon gearshift and handbrake covers, drift knob, A´PEXi FC Commander, electric windows, remote central locking, electric folding mirrors, renewed floor mats, rear parcel shelf and center console, Defi link gauges (recordable data): wideband, exhaust gas temperature, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, boost gauge, exhaust pressure


Kenwood DVD/USB/MP3 player, MDS door speakers, MDS rear speakers


420hp and 550Nm (stock 217hp and 275Nm)


A lot of driving, since last summer and winter were spent in the garage building this car


My fiance for enduring all of this, all my friends who helped in the project, and Photokrafix/Joke for the photoshoot!