IN THE SPIRIT OF WRC - Ford Escort RS Cosworth 1994

This Repsol-themed Ford Escort Cosworth bows to the WRC cars of the 90s. Like its idols, it not only looks like it's fast on any surface: it really is.

Sami Hietanoro bought Escort this in the summer of 2013. The car was pretty stock then, but it had a custom ECU, an insanely loud exhaust and about 350hp. The Repsol vinyls were also already in place when Sami bought it. The first summer was spent on the passenger's seat, since Sami was too young to have a driver's license. His father served as his chauffeur, and when the car was not driven around, Sami did maintenance to it.
The coming of age happened in January of 2014, but the Cossie was still hibernating. In the spring of 2014 Sami started to upgrade the car gradually. The brakes were upgraded with new discs, pads and braided lines. The previously ear shattering exhaust was made again from scratch, and is now three inches in diameter with two mufflers. It's still loud, but now there's no more need for ear protection at least.. Loud in a fun way, you know.
The old stock Schwitzer/Garrett turbochager was at the end of its road, and it was replaced with Garrett GTX2867R with an internal wastegate. At the same time the intercooler was replaced with a RS500 model, the injectors were upgraded with EV14s (1000cc) and the cast exhaust manifold was replaced with a better flowing one. With these modifications the car now has about 2000rpm more of useable range, even though the rev limiter was kept in stock place. The car now produced 370whp and 485Nm, and was significantly faster than before.
Sami upgraded the front brakes (again) with AP Racing 330mm brakes and 4-pot calipers. He was planning to upgrade only the brakes, but the dealer he bought them from had some Compomotive TH wheels in stock for a good price, and one thing led to another.. The suspension was at first modified with Spax lowering springs, but they were quickly swapped to GAZ coilovers.
The interior has been left pretty much stock, with the exception of a Sparco steering wheel and a new shift knob. The Recaro seats are sturdy enough for a daily driver, and pretty comfortable at the same time. If you look closely, you can see a little red button on the top of the gear knob, which activates pops and bangs for your hearing pleasure.
The car is an eye-cather in Finland, but after installing the Compomotive wheels, Sami has had a tough time getting rid of small-talkers. Because of its rally heritage the car pleases everyone, but most especially older men. People like to approach and tell their own memories of the car, which is kind of cool in Sami's opinion, even after all these years. There's a rumor going on, that this particular Cossie was once owned by Carlos Sainz himself as a PR car in the golden 90s..



Ford Escort RS Cosworth 1994


Stock YB for now, Garrett GTX 2867R with 0.86 housing, RS500 intercooler, EV14 1000cc injectors, Hestec engine management, 3” exhaust


Stock powertrain with AP Racing clutch disc, and pressure plate


GAZ coilovers, adjustable lower control arms


Front: 330mm discs, four-piston calipers and Ferodo DS3000 pads

Rear: 325mm discs, stock calipers and EBC Red Stuff pads


Compomotive TH 8x18”


Federal semi slicks 215/40/18”


OEM+ with Repsol tapes


OEM interior, Sparco rally steering wheel




370hp and 485Nm (stock 225hp and 310Nm)


Powertrain improvements


Autohuolto Korhonen, Super Auto Blomström, Mike Vuorio, mom and dad, and everyone who has helped with this car